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So Many Notifications So Little Time


I think we've all read the blog posts (or at least the titles as we scroll down the feed) about how we need to throw our phones in the ocean because they have become another limb. 

It's true, our dependency on technology is unlike anything we have ever seen in the history of humanity.

Facebook. Twitter. Reddit. TV Shows. Instagram. Snapchat. Youtube.

...the list goes on and on.

Everyone and everything is vying for our attention. And while the demand for our attention has increased the supply has remained the same.

Only 24 hours in a day. Forever. Always. 

Now some may read this and think "Well it's not like I'm looking at anything bad on the internet, or TV, or spending my money on drugs Liz. Jeez. Chill out."

I would respond with, "Yes it may not be hurting you, but is it helping you?"

We've become so concerned with making sure we're not doing the WRONG things that we haven't practiced doing the right things. I mean those endless hours of cat videos? Those really helping your endeavors to be a musician?

Understand I'm all for the hilarity that exists in the world. It keeps me sane at times. However there are times I've had to stop and ask myself, this thing that I've been participating in for hours today, how has it benefitted anything I want to accomplish? And is it preventing me from giving my brain time to sit and cultivate ideas?

Creativity and art needs fresh air. It needs time to breath. Time the marinate. It needs time.

And when the endless social media notifications are screaming at me the battle has won before I've even had time to fight. I've become the dog in Pavlov's experiment. Immediate response to the bell.

I love social media. I love that I can connect with family and friends with my artwork and blog and pictures of my children. But it can't be my life. It can't have my increasing attention.

My art needs it. Your art needs it. 

I'm sure you've fasted social media at some point. And that's great. But are you better because of that fast or are you back where you were? Fasts should re-align us to a healthier place, not act like a rubber band and snap us back to where we were before. 

Your art is calling out for you. Your skill level is hungry. It needs to be fed. If you know you haven't reached where you want to be than there's always something new to learn and explore. 

Do you sing? Go learn more songs. Go learn music theory. Learn to play an instrument. Hone your skill. 

Do you write? Go read. Go read. Go read.

Interact with people that do what you do. Interact with the world around you. So much of the beauty of art in all it's forms is birthed from personal experience. 

You are in charge of what gets your attention. Only you. Take a mental inventory of what has your attention during the day. 

Don't just exist and consume. Live and create.