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This past Sunday I took my four year old, Michael, up into the catwalk of the high school theater our church has services in. I told him to come help me turn on the lights and he delightfully agreed.

As we were getting ready to walk up the third staircase I took out my phone to use the flashlight because it's extremely dark up there. I walked in front of him shining the light behind me so he could see where to take his next step with his light up Captain America shoes.

It was exciting to him. 

An adventure.

I marveled at his lack of fear.

At his age there was NO WAY you were getting me to walk in the dark. If I couldn't see, not only what was in front of me but all around me, then I wanted NO part in it.

(I must admit the same is still true for me at the age of 29.) 

After we had turned on all the power strips we started to walk back and as we came to the darker path Michael was in front of me. I reached for my phone but then I had a thought, let me see how he does without it. I was right behind him so of course I wouldn't have let anything happen to him.

He paused. 

He said "Mommy it's really dark."

I said "I know babe."

He said "Come on let's go."

...and he just kept walking forward. I was so proud.

No fear. No worry. 

And the Holy Spirit spoke to me. 

"This. This is why it feels like you've been walking where you can't quite see what's next. Because you have. Because the Lord has allowed it and wants you to rely on Him. That He is behind you, watching over you, taking care of you, but He wants you to be confident in the fact that you can walk in faith, not in fear, even when you can't see what's next."

It was true.

I wanted Michael to practice not being afraid. I wanted him to realize he could walk without fear into the "unknown".

Because He could.

And because I was there.

Hebrews 11:1  Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.

There are so many things I hope for, and having faith means having the assurance that those things will come to pass. Because I truly believe they are hopes the Lord has placed in my heart. 

If he has placed the hope, he assures the promise will come to pass.

That's it. That's all I have. And honestly it's all I need.

He provides for His promises. He makes a way where there seems to be no way.  And THAT is the conviction of things not seen.

I see no way God, but You have given me the hope so I will walk in assurance.

I will walk in conviction. 

I will walk. 

...just like Michael. No fear. No worry. In peace knowing that my Father is right behind me.