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French Fries Chicken Apple Juice

If anyone has the absolute pleasure of knowing my 4 year old Michael you have probably heard him say the phrase...."Mommy I want french fries chicken apple juice."

I purposely left out the commas because he says it all in one breath. 

It's his standing order anytime we go out to eat. Restaurants. Drive thru. He's a man that knows what he wants. Occasionally he'll vary the apple juice for a chocolate milk if he's feeling really crazy. 

Yesterday we were on our way home and before we even got in the car he had already asked me, what felt like 100 times, for french fries chicken apple juice. 

"Yes Michael, I told you, we are going to eat. We'll get it. Don't worry."

"Ok mommy but I just want french fries chicken apple juice."

"Oh you do? I had no idea." -_-

As we were loading up the same question continued. As I started the car, it continued. As I started to drive away, guess what? It continued. 

Now, my son is probably the sweetest thing on planet Earth which is why I didn't totally loose my mind by this point. However I was already emotional and processing through some things internally so his incessant questioning was a bit much for me to handle.

I turned around, in pure mom fashion, and said:

"Michael, I KNOW you want the food. I ALREADY told you we were going to get it. You have to WAIT."

...and then it happened. 

God spoke.


"Liz I KNOW you want this promise. I ALREADY told you it is yours. You have to WAIT."

I do this all the time to God. I was doing it right then with all the thoughts I was trying to process through. I was throwing a tantrum. At 29 years old, I was throwing an internal temper tantrum. And God was telling me to wait. 

The waiting part is hard.

Waiting means I have no control. And the more time that passes the less control I have. And the more impatient I become. It's like the tension in a rubber band when you just keep stretching it and stretching it till it snaps. 

Time will make you snap. Let me clarify; time without progress will make you snap. 

But there is progress being made.

We just can't see it. 

2 Corinthians 5:7  "... for we walk by faith not by sight."

The only way TO God's promise is THROUGH progress.

And sometimes that progress is unseen. At least in the immediate. Then years pass and you look back and you can see it. You see what God was doing. Why he made you wait. 

So we persevere through progress to the promise. Even if it that progress and perseverance means waiting.

It's worth it.